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Summer 2019

Have you ever wondered how world athletes continue to perform at the top of their games season after season? I know I have. As an athlete myself having played sports my entire life it is something that consistently goes through my mind on how do I consistently perform at my best and not become burned out. These athletes are resilient. They may lose a game, but they bounce back quickly to win in the future. What exactly is resilience? It is a measure of how much you want something and how much you are willing, and able, to overcome obstacles to get it.

I recently re-read an article from 2001 Harvard Business Review called "The Making of a Corporate Athlete." It is an oldie, however one of those articles you can pick up again and learn something from it even after reading it once or twice. The article's main focus is on resilience and the steps all of us should take to bounce back quickly from pressures by building systematic multi-level ways to balance mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual states to achieve our ideal performance every day at the office. Have you ever suddenly found the solution to something you have been working on while jogging, singing in the shower, listening to music? Training to be a corporate athlete takes routine and allows more of these great solutions to occur when you are free minded. This all stems from daily rituals (i.e., daily meditation, running, painting, etc.). Jim Loehr said it best "if executives are to perform at high levels over the long haul, they have to train at a systematic multilevel way that world class athletes do."

Here are the 5 quick tips from the article:

  1. Actually do all those healthy things you know you ought to do (i.e., eat a balanced diet)
  2. Go to bed early and wake up early
  3. Maintain a consistent bedtime and wake up time
  4. Seek Recovery every 90-120 minutes (essentially get out of your chair and walk)
  5. Do at least two weightlifting workouts per week

You may be wondering how this all ties into ACHE. We are all coming back from summer vacations rejuvenated to take on the world at work. Although, have you thought about how you will come back from vacation well rested and not dive back in head first? I know, become a corporate athlete. It is something to supercharge you to continue to perform your best after a well-rested vacation. That is the whole point of vacation, right? The majority of our members' organizations fiscal year are January to December. The bulk of us are getting ready for the final quarter of the year where performance is to be at its best. We are to exceed from prior year in quality, patient experience, operational efficiencies, etc. By using the principals outlined in the HBR article, all of us can achieve becoming corporate athletes. Moving forward I hope it will give you the boost you need personally and professionally to meet your year-end goals.

ACHE has a strong partnership with the Florida Hospital Association. Their annual conference is coming up in October in Orlando. We are fortunate this year that ACHE's session will be around the topic of resiliency. With this conference being held in Orlando, I believe we will have a great turnout for ACHE of Central Florida and South Florida Healthcare Executive Forum members. I highly encourage all to attend this conference. We are also gearing up for both chapters having their executive leadership face-to-face educational sessions with talented healthcare executives providing great advice on various leadership development topics. Keep reading, watch your emails for the session reminders and invites, and continue to attend events and stay engaged. It's all part of ACHE's values of continuation of learning!

If I can help you in any way in my role as Regent, please call on me. Welcome back from summer and let us all get ready for football season!


 Ashley R. Vertuno, FACHE

Regent for Florida - Eastern

Chief Operating Officer Westside Regional Medical Ctr-HCA


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