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                            October Board Member Spotlight: Jeffrey B Kramer, Treasurer

                                                        jeff kramer 

The healthcare industry has evolved over the years and the South Florida Healthcare Executive Forum, the local
chapter of the American College of Healthcare Executives continually strives to improve healthcare delivery by
providing opportunities for the professional development of its members. As I look back on my years as a member,
I believe that joining the Forum was one of the most important moves I made early in my career.

I started my career as an auditor at a national public accounting firm and soon joined the healthcare audit group at the firm.
While in that position, I spent my days learning about the intricacies of accounting at hospitals and other healthcare
organizations. At the time, I had no idea how this experience would forever impact my career. Soon after leaving the national
accounting firm, I worked at several regional accounting firms always ending up working with healthcare clients.

It later became clear that forces beyond my control pushed me towards working with healthcare industry clients and I came
to accept that this was meant to be. Once I came to this realization, I began making every effort to educate myself on
healthcare industry issues and developments and decided to join healthcare industry organizations.

The Forum was first such organization that I joined and I soon found myself on the Board of Directors serving as the
Communications Chair and later as Treasurer. Through involvement with the Forum I have made lifelong friendships, met
influential industry executives, learned new skills at educational events and enjoyed networking at many social events.

I invite you to join me as a Forum member and to get involved and participate in this leading healthcare organization.
Let’s connect at the Forum …..

Jeffrey Kramer, CPA, CGMA is a partner with the accounting firm Goldstein Schechter Koch.
He can be reached at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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South Florida Healthcare Executive Forum is pleased to announce...

FALL 2015 Student Scholarship Application

The South Florida Healthcare Executive Forum (SFHEF), Inc. Board of Directors has established the funding of
two (2) health care management scholarships for Fall 2015:
one graduate scholarship ($1500) and one undergraduate scholarship ($1000).


A note from our 2015 Spring Graduate Scholarship Winner:

"My name is Jamie Marques, aspiring global health administrator passionate about public health equity and
access. As I continue to professionalize my student status via the Robert Stempel College of Public Health
and Social Work, I owe a huge thank you to the American College of Healthcare Executives for they have
made this dream a reality. I feel honored to receive the 2015 scholarship for it has fueled my educational drive
beyond belief.

"This funding will support my fall semester expenses allowing me to earn my degree without stopping. I want
to remind all students to take heed in your actions of today for they will reign on tomorrow. For instance, I applied
to this scholarship in May and nearly 3 months later I receive this award and could not be happier. When you
believe in yourself, someone else will too. I feel motivated to continue professionalizing my passion through the
education I crave thanks to the generosity of the ACHE academy.

"I look forward to a lifelong membership with ACHE because I have reaped the benefits of your resourceful
institution firsthand. Thank you for believing in me and providing students like myself the opportunity to achieve
their dreams regardless of socioeconomic status.

"Thank you again; I promise this scholarship to be an investment for I aim to utilize my education as tools to
correct community disparities by improving population health status both locally and globally through education
and action."

Jamie Marques | BHSA, MPH 
Florida International University

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Ralph Rios, FACHE, President

Dear ACHE/SFHEF Members & Colleagues: 

Our Fall offerings of educational and networking opportunities are in full swing.
Last month, we held a joint networking event with the National Association of Health
Services Executives (NAHSE) and Women's Healthcare Executive Network (WHEN).
It was a capacity crowd of over 100 healthcare leaders and many connections were
made. Our three respective organizations were so pleased with the success of the
event that we are discussing the potential of another joint networking event later this
year. One of my goals for SFHEF this year was to hold joint events with our partner
organizations. I am thrilled with the results and the added value we bring to you,
our members, with events such as these.

Also, in less than a week, we will commence our ACHE Board Governor's exam
preparation. The first session is this coming Saturday, September 12th and you
can obtain more information by contacting study group coordinator and leader,
Alex Johnson, FACHE. There is still time to sign up and take this important step
toward advancement to Fellow of the American College of Healthcare Executives,
FACHE, the mark of professional distinction and the highest certification one can obtain
as a healthcare executive. Additionally, this year if you complete the course and then
provide us evidence of passing the exam, SFHEF will gladly reimburse you the $100
course fee.

Throughout the fall, we will offer more educational programming to meet your learning
and development needs. Look for more information on our website and future emails
about upcoming events.

All year long, I have been asking you to engage with us. SFHEF exists to provide our
members local opportunities to develop as a healthcare executives. Come to our events;
tell us what programs you would like to see for the benefit of our membership. We
welcome your feedback and also your participation to make SFHEF ever better.

We look forward to meeting and interacting with you. 

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Message from Your ACHE Regent: Summer 2015

Mastering the Art of Networking @ ACHE Chapter Events

During a recent student orientation at a local university in our ACHE Higher Education Network, a participant asked a great
question; how do you network successfully? Suddenly, I was stuck. How do I do it? Has it been easy? Natural? Or a chore?
Basically, it's like dating. It takes time, planning, energy, confidence and be willing to be yourself.

Networking events are meant as jumping-off points for relationship building. If you can't be yourself, you'll be starting off
thesenew relationships with a lie. Don't try to be the person you think others want to meet. Be genuine. The people you
connect with when you are authentic are the ones you'll want to stay in touch with during your career. ACHE Chapter
Event networking can be as much a science as an art...First, set reasonable expectations. Not every leader in the room
has a job ready to give, mentor ready to share, or more than initial hello.

So, when attending an ACHE chapter event, understand what you are there to do. Is your goal to feel out a new
organization you recently joined and get to know the culture or mission of the local organization? Is it to meet five new
people? Is it to meet one or two specific people? These are all reasonable expectations and it takes a little pre-planning
to set these goals. Most important, do not try to meet everyone and be instant LinkedIn friends over night.

So, secondly do not spread yourself too thin during the event. Start by spreading a large net to test out a handful of
organizations represented and then commit yourself to only a few real good conversations. You want to become a staple
at these events. When you bounce around to too many conversations where no one knows you more professionally, you're
doing yourself a disservice by having to build your brand from scratch in each "hello". You'll also find that networking is a
lot more fun when you become a regular, so attend as many of these local chapter events as possible.

Consider taking notes as a third way of benefiting the networking process. When you ask for someone's card after having a
great conversation, take notes on their business card after they walk away or immediately after the event is critical. This will
help you to be more specific in your follow-up. During these great conversations, remember to formulate a few questions that
are unique and thoughtful. The only way to get to know someone else is to ask them genuine and thoughtful questions. It's
always best to walk away from a conversation having allowed the other person to speak more than you did. Listening will
always be your best interpersonal skill as a successful healthcare leader. Not only will they feel great about the conversation,
but you'll have gotten to know a lot about him/her, helping you plan and execute your follow-up more thoughtfully.

Finally, do not "work the room." Do not try to meet as many people as possible at the event; focus on making just a few solid
connections. People can sense when you're simply speaking with them to grab their card and go. These short interactions will not
be memorable and therefore work against you. Aim to meet a few people and begin a meaningful dialogue.

Hopefully, these few tips to the art and science of networking will be a benefit in your career and making the most of ACHE
chapter events in the future. One last piece of advice and should go without saying, be engaged - keep eye contact with your
conversation partner.  Nod your head and tilt your body towards them when you're speaking. It's ok to recap a point or ask
an additional question. These small cues will go a long way towards making them feel like you care, which helps you to build
rapport and trust. Remember, leadership is about relationships; no one will follow you, until they know you care.

Best of luck at your next ACHE Chapter Event! 

William P. Perno, FACHE

bill perno-5x7 10.12.07
ACHE Regent for Florida - Eastern
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ACHE's Job Center PDF Print E-mail

sfhef ache career resource center

CAREER OPPORTUNITY:  President, Alleghany Memorial Hospital

Williams, Roberts, Young Inc has been retained to identify a President for Alleghany Memorial Hospital, located in Sparta,
North Carolina.  It is a 25 bed, non-profit Critical Access Hospital with an affiliation with Wake Forest Baptist Medical
Center located in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.  Successful candidates will have experience running all functions of a
CAH and proven turn-around experience.  A strong understanding of the importance of quality, metrics, revenue cycles
and CMS is mandatory.   Critical, is an understanding and ability to development and maintain community relationships
to rebuild market share and to re-instill commitment to the community.  With the recent relationship with WFBMC, the
position will require someone who can build, manage and market the synergies created by this partnership.  Undergraduate
degree required, graduate degree preferred. Please submit resume to Leigh Burton  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


The American College of Healthcare Executives’ Job Center is a complimentary online resource designed to bring together
the right candidate and the right job. It is a member only resource for job seekers, but is open to both member and
non-member employers interested in listing positions. The Job Center features more than 2,300 position listings with nearly
4,000 active job seekers and was enhanced in early 2013 to include many new features.

Job seekers now benefit from improved search functionality, new job notification options, enhanced job detail pages, and a
mobile-friendly version. Employers can utilize new job activity information reports, options to upload a company
logo to appear on job listings, and resume alerts to notify you when new candidates meet your criteria.

We hope you make use of this popular ACHE resource. We are especially interested in increasing the number of early
careerist opportunities, as launching a career in today’s competitive healthcare management marketplace presents
challenges for many of our early career members.

To take a look at the ACHE Job and Resume Bank click ACHE-JobBank.

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