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                   August Board Member Spotlight:  Eli Karlin, MD, Member-at-Large

                                                eli md 

A few years ago, upon starting my Healthcare MBA at FIU, I had the pleasure of learning about the
South Florida Healthcare Executive Forum (SFHEF) and the American College of Healthcare
Executives (ACHE). Through SFHEF’s educational and networking events, I was able to gain the
knowledge necessary to both compete and excel in South Florida’s unique healthcare landscape.
Attending meetings and becoming a student advocate for the organization helped me create relationships
that otherwise I would not have been able to attain. Furthermore the mentorship I received from the
members of the forum, helped pave the road for my future endeavors.

Although my background includes the clinical side of healthcare, there was always the business and
management portion that was lacking. The educational events often brought topics such as healthcare
transformation, the impact of the ACA, population health as well as many others. These events, which are
presented by experts in their fields, create an incredible opportunity for those who are interested in furthering
their education and keeping relevant in the work place.

Currently, I am blessed to be working in the healthcare investment field with Flagler Investment Property Group. 
Flagler Investment is a full service healthcare, technology and private equity group. My primary responsibilities at
Flagler Investment are working with growing healthcare groups as well as creating new opportunities for both providers
and the patients they work with.

Now as a healthcare executive in South Florida, I have the privilege of sitting on the board of directors for SFHEF
and sharing my experience and healthcare knowledge with others. Some of my goals this year are to engage the student
healthcare executive population and encourage our members to make themselves available for mentorship. I look forward
to seeing all of you at one of our next events and encourage readers to reach out to me for any questions or advice.

Until next time, I’m Dr. Eli Karlin... Let’s connect!

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In much the same way that physicians achieve board certification in their specialties
of practice, healthcare executives may also become board-certified in healthcare
management through the American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE). 

To earn board certification, and hold the credential of Fellow, candidates must
demonstrate their commitment to continuing education, progression in professional
experience, and participation in voluntary healthcare and community affairs.
They must also successfully complete a comprehensive written examination covering
subjects related to healthcare management.

To assist professionals in preparing for this rigorous examination process, the
South Florida Healthcare Executive Forum coordinates a study group which meets
weekly for eight weeks. Each Saturday morning, an industry expert provides an
overview for the participants on a particular topic included in the examination.  
Topics range from finance and information technology to governance and strategic
planning.  CLICK HERE to see SFHEF's flyer regarding important details on the upcoming
study group schedule. This year's study group will kick-off on Saturday, September 12, 2015.  
To enroll in this year's study group, contact Alex Johnson,  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .  
We look forward to another great group of "students"
and future ACHE Fellows!  


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sfhef ache career resource center

CAREER OPPORTUNITY:  President, Alleghany Memorial Hospital

Williams, Roberts, Young Inc has been retained to identify a President for Alleghany Memorial Hospital, located in Sparta,
North Carolina.  It is a 25 bed, non-profit Critical Access Hospital with an affiliation with Wake Forest Baptist Medical
Center located in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.  Successful candidates will have experience running all functions of a
CAH and proven turn-around experience.  A strong understanding of the importance of quality, metrics, revenue cycles
and CMS is mandatory.   Critical, is an understanding and ability to development and maintain community relationships
to rebuild market share and to re-instill commitment to the community.  With the recent relationship with WFBMC, the
position will require someone who can build, manage and market the synergies created by this partnership.  Undergraduate
degree required, graduate degree preferred. Please submit resume to Leigh Burton  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


The American College of Healthcare Executives’ Job Center is a complimentary online resource designed to bring together
the right candidate and the right job. It is a member only resource for job seekers, but is open to both member and
non-member employers interested in listing positions. The Job Center features more than 2,300 position listings with nearly
4,000 active job seekers and was enhanced in early 2013 to include many new features.

Job seekers now benefit from improved search functionality, new job notification options, enhanced job detail pages, and a
mobile-friendly version. Employers can utilize new job activity information reports, options to upload a company
logo to appear on job listings, and resume alerts to notify you when new candidates meet your criteria.

We hope you make use of this popular ACHE resource. We are especially interested in increasing the number of early
careerist opportunities, as launching a career in today’s competitive healthcare management marketplace presents
challenges for many of our early career members.

To take a look at the ACHE Job and Resume Bank click ACHE-JobBank.

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Message from Your ACHE Regent: Spring 2015 PDF Print E-mail
Spring 2015

Message from Your ACHE Regent

Healthcare is the best industry to serve! There is plenty of opportunity to engage, make a difference, and just be a part of
something bigger than you. Healthcare is expected to reach close to 20% of the U.S. GDP before 2020 and is bursting
with innovation; new products and services to name a few. A recent survey of U.S. consumers found they would be
willing to spend more than $13 billion a year of their own money on those new services.  It’s the promise of those new
products and services that is enticing more and more businesses to turn to the U.S. health system as an opportunity
for innovation, differentiation, and profits declares the consultants from Price Waterhouse Coopers earlier this year.
Therefore, with 76% of the Fortune 50 now in the health industry, it is evident that opportunities are limitless. However,
to attain success, health systems will need to attract bright leaders, those who understand the value of learning,
networking, and giving back to build the next generation of leaders. Therefore, what does this means as a member
of the American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE)? You are at the right place, at the right time,
and for the right reason

How do you capitalize on your ACHE membership? It’s simple – become a Fellow, a board-certified healthcare
management executive. This achievement will open opportunities to be a part of innovation, have a seat at the table
towards better outcomes, affordable care, and developing an engaging care process for our nation. Let me explain.

This month, I attended the annual Fellow Seminar in Miami, Florida on preparing for accountability in today’s world of
healthcare reform. First, the event was for Fellows only. Instantly there was an environment for engaging conversation
that challenged and stretched everyone’s frame of mind, altered perceptions and increased points of reference. Secondly,
40% of attendees were C-suite executives interested in the same things I was, education and networking. Third, for those
who know me, I appreciate the occasion to blend multidisciplinary learning with networking outside your market.
Did I mention this group of nearly 60 executives represented over 20 states - that was tremendous opportunity?
Here’s why – I met nine leaders in my specific field of healthcare; of those, six leaders became LinkedIn connections,
two leaders I have had at least one, if not two telephone calls to follow-up on the innovative developments in their markets
and one leader was a local neighbor in a adjacent county, I finally got to connect a name with a face.

Leaders, today is the best time to serve in the healthcare industry. More importantly, the support ACHE and its members
provide to equip you for today and tomorrow is priceless. I suggest you take advantage and reach out to your local chapter
president and get involved – be careful it could change your career! If you have any questions or comments about becoming
a Fellow, feel free to contact me.

Best regards in your healthcare career,

William P. Perno, FACHE

bill perno-5x7 10.12.07
ACHE Regent for Florida - Eastern
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Annual Installation Dinner 2015 PDF Print E-mail

Thank you to the ACHE/SFHEF members, sponsors, board and all of the new faces that joined us at our Annual Installation Dinner.  

With over 150 people in attendance, the evening included lively networking; a summary of the 2014 SFHEF board accomplishments;
a thought-provoking presentation by Christy Dempsey from Press Ganey; and the installation of the 2015 SFHEF Board.  

Our Annual Installation Dinner kicked off what promises to be a great year for our organization.  
We look forward to connecting with you all and seeing more new faces at our events this year! 

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